Cataracts Surgery

"85% of blindness in Ghana is avoidable, and, out of the 85%, 52% is a result of cataracts." - Dr. Wanye Tle, Friends Eye Center

Cataracts occurs when proteins in eye begin to break down causing the lens of the eye to grow cloudy. In a country like Ghana with strong sunlight, inadequate health and education services, poor access to clean water, sanitation, and food, cataracts is a common cause of blindness.

However, we've partnered with Friends Eye Center to help bring eye care to Ghana's most vulnerable. Dr. Wanye Tle travels with his clinic to remote regions throughout the country to give access to cataracts surgeries.

Studies show that cataract surgery to restore sight is among the most cost-effective interventions in health care.

"Successful cataract surgery restores not only vision..., but enables previously visually impaired persons to restart work, leads to a higher monthly household income, and more members of the household being engaged in income earning activities." (The Impact of Successful Cataract Surgery on Quality of Life, Household Income and Social Status in South India)

With Global Vision 2020's innovative USee Vision Kit, we're able to conduct vision screenings and provide prescription glasses to Ghanians and Tanzanians that don't have access to basic eye care.


Eye Glasses


Bacterial Disease Treatments

Through Friends Eye Center's traveling clinic, Dr. Wanye and his team are able to diagnose a variety of bacterial diseases and ocular trauma causing vision impairment throughout the country. With the support of donors, his team provides medication for glaucoma, corneal ulcers, infective and allergic conjunctivitis, eye injuries, blepharitis, stye, keratoconjunctivitis sicca, etc.

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